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Wise Up Guidebook – Published 2015.

Wise Up is a two month discipleship journey developed at Bay Community Church.  It is the fruit of what many at Bay have been learning about disciple-making and mission.

During the two months you will:

Read Proverbs,

Study Proverbs,

and Build a Friendship.

Wise Up is designed for you to experience along with with one or two friends called peer mentors.  You can also adapt Wise Up to use with your family or life group.

Heart issues may surface as God works in your life through Wise Up—that is normal and ultimately good.  Reach out to your pastors, elders and life group leaders and let them know how they can serve you.

Pray for yourself and those doing this journey with you that together you will grow in wisdom, community, and mission.

Download your Wise Up! Guidebook here.