Life Groups

Life Groups are one of the best ways to really experience being a part of Bay. In our life groups we share our stories, build friendships, grow as disciples through Bible study and application, and support one another in prayer. We discover our gifts and talents, and we serve and reach out together.

One of the first life groups we encourage you to be part of if you are new to faith or exploring faith is the Alpha Course.  We offer this about once a year.  This is a course which has been taken by millions of people around the world.  Over a meal, video teaching, and friendship you can explore faith in Christ in a safe environment.

Most of our life groups meet weekly for about two hours. Groups use Bible-based study material including topics like prayer, parenting, evangelism, and books of the Bible. Every year or so we do a church-wide study together.

If you’re committed to Bay as your church family you could become a life group host or leader.

For info about joining or leading a group, or taking the Alpha course:

contact Susan – 250-339-7527

Life groups:

Wednesday: 7 pm, Freedom Session, call Jane: 250-890-0023

Thursday: 10:30 am,  call Laurie: 250-338-1340

Thursday: 7 pm,  call Betty: 250-339-3135

Friday: 6:30 am, Men’s Breakfast, every 2 Fridays, call Dan 250-338-5546

Friday: 4 pm, Missional Community, call Lenna 250-702-3434