Elders.  The elders and senior pastor give overall spiritual care and direction at Bay.  Elders are men or women chosen through a Biblical selection process from the church body.  They serve on a term basis for three years at a time.  If you are looking for spiritual direction or healing prayer, the elders would be happy to serve you.

Board.  The board take care of the practical operations of the church, particularly relating to property and finances.  They are composed of ministry and committee representatives, a chairperson and a treasurer.  The pastor and an elder serve on the board in an advisory capacity.

Life Groups.  These are groups that meet in a home or a restaurant to share life, study the Bible, pray, and serve together.  Life group leaders and hosts have the opportunity to lead the group in providing our first line of coaching and care.  We encourage everyone to be part of a life group to help you connect to God, grow as a disciple, and serve with your life.  Learn more here.